Leverich Park

Leverich Park was developed in 2008 by Stumptown Disc Golf volunteers and Steve Carson in cooperation with Vancouver/Clark Parks and Recreation. A cooperative effort it couldn't have been completed without numerous work parties, volunteers from Stumptown Disc Golf, Compass Church, business sponsors like Next Adventure, Bad Monkey Bikes, Dairy Queen, and By the Bottle.
The 12 hole course has a good variety of challenges for even the seasoned disc golfer. Most holes are short enough that beginners and children can still make par on most holes. Trees, elevation changes and other hazards can give professional disc golfers a good workout.
Currently Leverich Park is being maintained on a regular basis by a group of volunteers headed up by Mark Hedden. If you would like to participate in helping to keep Leverich looking as nice as possible please complete the contact form on this site and we'll put Mark in touch with you.
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